A Review on Couponing Ethics!

by Kimberly on July 14, 2011

For those of you that have taken my workshops, you know I’m HUGE on ETHICAL couponing, and dedicate a portion of the workshop discussing this.  I have a lot of new readers, so I thought it would be good to ‘review’ the ethics I teach in the workshops.


Ethical Couponing:

Unfortunately there are people out there who are couponing but they are doing it unethically….here are a few things to keep in mind while on this coupon venture…


  1. You know how frustrating it is when a good sale is on and you’re all excited to go ‘get in on it’ and the product is all gone!!!  Think of the shoppers behind you that also want that good deal!  Don’t take the entire stock…ask for a raincheck…most of the time they are more than happy to give you one so you don’t miss the deal.  You can also place a special order for a large quantity of an item.  They would rather you do this than empty the shelves.
  2. Remember that the store is giving you this deal for you and your family.  We don’t want them to stop offering BOGOs or go out of business.  It is unethical and unfair to the store to buy the products and turn around and sell to others or on e-bay.  (Yes, people are doing this, which is why I’m mentioning it)
  3. Be considerate of other shoppers in the store.  Before you hold up a check-out lane let the manager or customer service  know you have a ton of coupons and do they want to open another register for you so you don’t hold up other customers.  If you are in a regular line let the people that come behind you know that you have a boat load of coupons and it might be a while.  :-)  Everyone always appreciates this.
  4. Please READ the coupon before you use it and make sure the coupon matches up with the item you are using it for.  (The new barcode on coupons will eliminate you being able to use coupons for items you are not purchasing).
  5. Make sure to check the expiration dates on your coupons.  DO NOT put an expired coupon in your huge stack of coupons.
  6. When returning an item…PLEASE MAKE SURE to let them know you used a coupon to purchase the product.  They may still give you the full price back but it’s better to be honest and upfront.
  7. Before you go to check out make sure you ‘pull over’ first and go through your coupons and that you only have coupons for what you are buying.  I often end up not getting an item I had originally planned on because it’s out of stock when I get there…make sure you pull those out. (This will avoid holding you and/or others up at checkout)
  8. DO NOT COPY OR SCAN COUPONS!!!  These become fraudulent coupons and is a punishable crime!!


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