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Get in Shape Week in Review

by Kimberly on May 20, 2012

Funny diet cartoon

I’m checking in on my ‘Get in Shape’ progress.  I did really well with my diet this week.  I’ve had healthy foods all week and 1 cheat day, which wasn’t a day, just 1 meal.  My exercise for the week was pretty much none.  I’ve been wanting to go roller skating, so last night for our date night my husband surprised me and took me to a roller skating rink.  I skated long enough that my legs are sore today. LOL…but after a little while, I just wasn’t feeling it for date night, and needed some face to face time with my husband.  It was such a crazy week that I just wanted to go somewhere quiet where we could talk and connect.  So, we left and sat outside Starbucks and had such a nice time laughing and talking.

My Diet this week consisted of:

Baked chicken breasts
protein shakes
protein bars
fruit (berries)

My biggest problem has been that I’m usually having one REALLY LARGE Salad once a day and then just a protein bar/shake later, because of my busy schedule, which is horrible for my metabolism, so the past 3 days I’ve worked at eating every 2-3 hours, just small portions.  We’ll see if that helps a couple pounds come off. :-) Crossing my fingers that it does!


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Get in Shape with Me Week in Review

by Kimberly on May 13, 2012

Diet Cheating

It’s time for my Get in shape with me week in review.  Well, I have to say that the picture above was me this week. I’m not proud of it, but, I vowed to always be honest and real with you my wonderful readers. I struggled big time this week, and part of it was that I was out of all of my protein, and didn’t have any healthy alternatives. Money was tight, so I had to wait until today to really stock up again on healthy foods. It’s incredibly frustrating when that happens. But that’s life. I ate really healthy 3 out of the 7 days this week. I didn’t get any exercising in. We had one heck of a week. Wednesday night, when my husband was finally able to get to the gym, our 5 years old had an allergic reaction to his antibiotic and broke out in hives, so I called him and had him leave the gym and run out for Benadryl….it was one of those weeks. But, next week is a new week. I’m stocked up on protein again. I will be purchasing more chicken this week too. So, I’m set, and will report in next week. My ‘cheats’ this week were: 1 doughnut on Monday 1 Cookie on Tuesday and a slice of my son’s birthday cake on Thursday…enough to discourage me. But today a new week begins….so I’m going to just keep at my healthy diet.


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Get In Shape Week in Review

by Kimberly on April 28, 2012

Apples - 3 pounds

Have any of you ever been discouraged because you got on the scale and only lost 3 pounds?!!! Guess what!! That Bag of Apples above that I’m holding is exactly 3 pounds! It may not seem like a lot when you weigh yourself…but if you hold 3 pounds of produce…it really is a lot! You know I’m not getting on a scale during my journey to getting healthy and in shape. But for those of you that are getting on the scale…be encouraged! Every 1/4 pound adds up! Keep at it!

This week I ate healthy, and even got a little exercising in. Tuesday night I went to my Zumba class, and made it through 40 minutes and then my back went into spasms…it’s still not completely better from last week’s flare up. I’m happy I made it through 40 minutes though. Thursday night I rode my bike exactly 5 miles, but boy oh boy did that take every bit of energy I had. I felt so good AFTER my bike ride though. I realized this week what a great stress reliever exercise is for me. It is hard for me to get motivated to get out there, but once I do it makes me feel so much better! I get so busy with work and kids, that I often struggle to take time for myself. I think it’s important for us to value ourselves, husband and children enough that we stop and take a little time to take care of ourselves. When we take care of ourselves we are much more capable of taking care of our husband, kids and family!

My Diet this week consisted of:
LOTS of Salad
Baked Chicken
1 protein bar a day
lots of water
protein shakes
Special K Protein Cereal
1 daily cup of decaf coffee with creamer
Tonight was cheat night and I had 1 slice of Pizza and 1 cookie.

How did you do this week? What did you struggle with and conquer? Feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment below! We can all use a little support!

Disclosure: This is my own personal plan to get in shape. You should always consult your physician before beginning any type of weight loss or exercise program.


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Can you Have a Healthy Diet and Still Save with Coupons?

by Kimberly on April 17, 2012

Healthy Food - Salad


A statement I hear frequently is ‘I don’t use coupons because I eat healthy and the coupons only seem to be for junk food.’  I also hear many people with food allergies stating that they don’t use coupons for this same reason.  Since beginning my quest to get in shape and eat healthy, this question/statement has come up again from several of you, so I thought that it was worth discussing, since we’re all about saving money!

I believe that it is still well worth your time to use coupons, even if you’re only eating Super Healthy Foods, or have food allergies, and can only eat Gluten Free foods.    Although there are rarely coupons for items such as Meat and Produce, they do pop up occasionally.  The $5 off  $x.xx purchase coupons that pop up frequently are also a way to help reduce the cost of items like produce and meat.  If you find a good Money Maker, that also can help cover your cost of meat and produce, or Gluten Free items which are pricey and very rarely coupons for.   I do find coupons for products that are low carb and or High Protein.  For instance we have a stockpile of Special K Protein Cereal and Kashi Golean High Protein Cereal.   Saving on those items is a big help for us.  If you truly feel you can’t save on food using coupons, let’s at least help you save on the other basic necessities using coupons.  This way if you do end up paying full price for the healthy foods, you are saving in other areas.  Below are a couple pictures of my stockpile of Toiletries and Household Items.  The amount of money I save on all of these products alone, is well worth the time and effort it takes to use coupons.  So, although you may not find a lot of coupons for the Food items you’re needing you can still use coupons to save on all of your other supplies, like household cleaning supplies and toiletries.

Savvy Coupon Lady Stockpile of Household Items & Toiletries!     Savvy Coupon Lady Toiletries Stockpile

In these picture, my stockpile of Toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, Dental Floss, contact Solution, Pantiliners, Pledge Dust Wipes, Air Fresheners, Pain Relief Patches, Pain Relievers (like Advil & Children’s Advil) and Napkins have all been FREE .  The other items like the  Laundry Detergent, Stain Removers,  Toilet Bowl Cleaners, Disinfectant Sprays, Shampoos, Conditioners, Body Wash, Shaving Cream, Bandaids, Feminine Care Products, have been all less than $1.00.   And the other Paper Products, trash bags & storage bags/aluminum foil I’ve been able to get Super Cheap, thanks to coupons.  When someone asks me if it’s worth it to coupon with their special diet needs…my answer will always be…”YES!!!  You can Still save a TON of Money!!!!!”

If you’re about to give up on coupons because of your diet, then change how you look at coupons.  Use them just for the Toiletries and Cleaning supplies and you will save loads of money that will help ease the cost of the foods you need to buy.   But even with those foods, make sure you are looking for all of the best deals.  Work on stocking up on meat and produce when they are at their lowest price.  I stock up on vegetables, I just freeze them!  I stock up meat when I can get it super cheap and then freeze it.  There are still ways to save on healthy foods.  Get creative with it.  Start shopping at a Farmer’s Market about 30 minutes before they close and barter for some great deals on produce that the sellers now just need to get rid of before the market closes.

Keep in mind that coupons are not just used for groceries. They help you save on many other items, and those items make using coupons well worth the effort!

I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this!  Do you think after reading this it’s still worth taking the time to use coupons if you have a healthy food diet?   What do you do to save on the Healthy foods in your diet?


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Get In Shape with Me!

by Kimberly on April 11, 2012

Get In Shape


Last week on Facebook I mentioned that I was working on getting back in shape. I have quite a bit of weight to lose. I lost 30 pounds last year, simply by changing my diet for a little while. The truth is, I was very focused on THE SCALE!!! When the weight loss tapered off, I kind of fizzled out. Thankfully I didn’t gain too much back, but I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what works for me and many conversations with my wonderful husband have helped me really look at things differently.


Here are a few things about me (some of you probably feel the same way):

  • I HATE HATE to exercise. I can’t stand going to the gym and getting on a machine…it’s feels like so much work.
  • I LOVE Dancing and enjoy bike riding and skating
  • With 4 kids, my husband working 2 jobs, and 1 car, it’s difficult to find time to do any exercising outside of my home, and honestly, that has been a wonderful excuse for me to not exercise!
  • I’ve had back surgery, and currently have 2 hyrniated discs in my lower back, so finding exercise that I can do is challenging (something else I’ve used an excuse to not exercise & Get in Shape.


I’ve learned that the scale is like poison for me. I found that if I didn’t lose any weight after watching my diet or didn’t lose what I thought I should have, I’d get discouraged and would think to myself, If I’m not going to lose any weight by changing my diet, I might as well eat what I like. What a horrible way to think, but that’s the truth of my thought pattern.

More than losing the weight I want to feel good about myself. This is my personal journey to change my lifestyle, eating habits and get healthy. I realize now, that this can’t just be about getting on a scale and getting to a certain number. If that’s all it’s about, and I only do this until I lose the weight I want to, then it won’t last. I’ll just end up gaining the weight back. So, I’m not going to get on a scale, I’m not taking my measurements. I’m focused on eating healthy and getting some physical activity in that I actually enjoy. I think over time with that change, the weight will come off. I figure when my pants start getting loose I’ll know I’m losing weight.

It’s been about 3 weeks since I cut sugar and processed foods out of my diet. The first week was rough, but once the sugar cravings passed, it was much better. I started taking a Zumba Class. It is so much fun! For me, it doesn’t feel like exercising, but I sweat up a storm for an hour and am getting a good workout in. It helps that I’m in a class full of other people, because I’m much less likely to quit that. If I get on a treadmill with no accountability, I guarantee I’ll last about 15 minutes and be worn out. lol. (that’s the truth). I am already feeling so much better physically and mentally about myself. My goal is to get to a Zumba class 2 nights a week, but I know that won’t always be possible with our schedules. My husband is INCREDIBLY Supportive and has been arranging his schedule at night with his second job to allow for us to get to the gym together. I’m going to attempt to also get a bike ride in at least 1 other day during the week. I have to make this a lifestyle change and be in it forever. Thinking ‘I only need to be good and do this until I lose the weight’ is setting myself up for failure.

So, Feel free to join me on this journey.  At the end of each week I’ll share my experiences from the week, the exercise activities I was able to do and what my food intake consisted of during the week.  I’d love for you to share your own thoughts and feelings and plans here, but if you’d like you can feel free to shoot me an e-mail for moral support also.  :-)


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