Publix 101


Publix 101

by Kimberly on April 10, 2011

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There are always three sales going on at Publix.

*Normal weekly  sale (cycle runs thursday-wednesday of every week in Florida…some are areas are wednesday through tuesday so check your local sale cycle)

*Yellow advantage flyer (the yellow flyer you find in the store on the same stand as weekly-ad)

*Green advantage flyer (the green flyer you find in the store on the same stand as weekly-ad)

A Few Things to Know About Shopping at Publix:

1.  You are legally able to use a Manufacturer coupon for each item you purchase….EVEN THE FREE ONE you get with their BOGO deals!  THIS is how you save more at Publix than shopping at Super Center Stores.
2.  You can also ‘stack’ a Store coupon with a Manufacturer coupon…yes, even on the free item.  Publix honors competitor (store)coupons.  Check with the Customer Service staff at the Publix you shop at to find out who they consider competitors.
4. Publix honors competitor coupons…however…the stores Publix considers to be competitors varies by store.   Check with the Customer Service Staff at your Publix for a list of the competitor coupons you can use at your Publix.
5.  NOT ALL PUBLIX ALLOW THE FOLLOWING: ‘Overage/Profit/Money Makers’.  This is when the dollar amount on your coupons exceeds the actual cost of the product.  Now, if your store allows overage you normally will not get cash back, but what happens is that the overage comes off the total due of your other grocery items.  A great time to buy meat or produce, which there are rarely coupons for.  Check with Customer Service at your Publix to see if they allow this, as many do.  It is, however, up to each individual manager .

You can find lists of coupons to match all three sales Here on my website under Grocery Stores – Publix.

If you have more questions, please feel free to leave a comment here or e-mail me.


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