Stockpile Checklist


The Savvy Coupon Lady Stockpile Checklist is HERE!

by Kimberly on June 29, 2011

I am hoping this will work for everyone. I have Created a Stockpile Checklist for all of you so you can keep track of what items are good to have in your Stockpile and can work on getting these items gradually. If you have any problems opening this, let me know and I’ll keep working on it. You should be able to open it and print it…YOUR FEEDBACK WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED ON THIS. :-)

To View simply click the link below. I will also add this to the sidebar under Useful Information. I’m working on a Price Guide also. I know you all are wanting/needing something to look at to help you know for sure if something is at it’s rock bottom price. :-)

Savvy Coupon Lady Stockpile Checklist


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