Reader Spotlight: 70% Savings

by Kimberly on May 16, 2011

Today I am highlighting a reader, Kirstie H., who has couponed for a long time, but never had a stockpile and needed to save even more money. She Started SERIOUSLY couponing about a month ago and has already managed to save 70%!! I wanted to share more than just Kirstie’s Shopping trip. I want you to be able to read the stories of how Couponing can help you, your family and friends.

Note: Kirstie’s shopping trip coincided with last week’s Publix sale. The deals posted are not currently available. To see this week’s Publix Ad and coupon Matchups click HERE.

Kirstie Writes:

Dear Kimberly,

I just had to write and say thank you for all the hard work you put into your web site! It is absolutely awesome! I’ve been a couponer for years but have never built up a stockpile. With gas prices on the rise and my husband recently finding out he may need back surgery, I decided it was time to find a way to save some extra money. I’m a stay at home mom and the prospect of losing income is the most frightening thing to me. I’ve been couponing seriously for about a month and just wanted to share my latest purchase.

Here’s what I bought at Publix on 5/11/2011…

(8) Bags of Tidy Cat Litter, BOGO $2.25
Minus (8) $1.00 off any Tidy Cat purchase
Total due: $1.00

(2) Publix Caffeine Free Diet Cola on sale 2/$1.00
Total due: $1.00

(2) Gas-X $2.39
Minus (1) Publix store coupon $5.00 off any 2 Gas-X products
Minus (1) $1.00 MQ of any Gas-X product
Total due: Free plus $1.22 overage

(1) Morningstar Farms Chik’n Strips Meal Starter $4.05 (I know these will be on sale tomorrow, but I needed it for a special birthday dinner tonight)
Minus (1) Publix store coupon $1.00 off any Morningstar Farms product
Total due: $3.05

2.90 lbs. of bananas, $0.69/lb
Total due: $2.00

0.62 lbs. of red onions, $1.29/lb
Total due: $0.80

(1) Bag of carrots, $0.89
Total due: $0.89

(1) Bag of celery, $1.99
Total due: $1.99

Total before sales and coupons: $34.39
Subtotal after sales and coupons: $9.51
Total I spent w/ tax: $10.21

(SHE SAVED $24.18!!! That’s 70% Savings!!!!

And, since I don’t need all of that kitty litter (we only have one small bunny that uses a litter box) I feel great that I can donate 4 bags to my local SPCA! So thank you, thank you for all you do!!

Kirstie H.

Thank you Kirstie for sharing your story and success with all of us!!  Blessings and prayers for your family!

**All content was used with permission from Kirstie.  I want to have a weekly Reader Highlight Segment.  If you have something related to couponing, lessons learned, helpful hints, show & tells (please send photo with show & tell) or want to share how couponing has helped your family please email me!


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Reader Success 66% Savings Show & Tell!

by Kimberly on May 9, 2011

Kerri Spent $16.95 for all of this and Saved $32.24 (Thats 66% Savings!!)

This Show and Tell is from a Reader, Kerri C.  Kerri took  my last workshop at Calvary Chapel Worship Center about 8 weeks ago.  I LOVE hearing your success stories and emails about how couponing has helped your families!

Kerri  wrote: “I attended your workshop at ccwc and am finally getting my coupons stocked up for better savings. This was a small trip but great savings. I spent $16.95 and saved $32.24!!!  I have been excited to be able to share more Blessings with Helping Hands lately too! Last month I made a huge tray of Baked ziti for my family – total cost for the meal – $1.25.  Thank you for all you do and God Bless!!”

So in a matter of 2 months Kerri has already been able to save 66%!!  Above is a picture of what she bought at Publix this week!  Thank you Kerri for sharing your success story with all of us!!

Listen…I don’t want to just be posting my Show & Tells, because I want you to be able to see that it’s not just me that’s saving money!  I want to be posting all of your Success Stories, Stories of how this has helped you all and how it’s changed your Family’s Lives!  Keep emailing me  your stories and Pictures!


      All Posts May Contain Affiliate Links. View Disclosure Policy at bottom of page