Coupon Savings: Publix Show & Tell 6-22

by Kimberly on June 23, 2012

Publix Coupon Savings Show & Tell

Here is are my Publix Coupon Savings from my shopping trip last night. I don’t have a high percentage of savings, but I still managed to save over 50% and several items I purchased were not on sale but my family needed them. In order for me to properly stock up on some items when they are at their ‘buy’ price I would need to purchase about 50-60 of some items at a time. There are two major reasons I do not do this…1. I do not have the space in my home to store those kind of quantities, so I usually buy about 10-12 of an item and then I just buy 1 item as I need it until it gets to its ‘buy’ price again. 2. I am on a limited budget each week, so although it may be super cheap I cannot usually use up most of my budget on just one item, so I have learned to be a Savvy Couponer in a way that works for me and my family and I’m still saving LOADS of money. Our Grocery bill (groceries, toiletries, cleaning supplies) for all 6 of is is still averaging around $450 or less each month. I’m all about couponing for the real world, and I’m sure many of you are in the same boat as I am. Not to mention, sometimes, you just don’t have time to grab coupons. And that is OK….as long as you’re working on saving an average of 50% you’re doing great!!!

Below is a list of everything I bought at Publix last night, the coupons I used and how much I spent and saved. I did this in two transactions, however, in order to make this easier to read I put it all in one transaction.

Coupon Savings: Publix Show & Tell 6-22

Bought: (3) Zucchini/Yellow Squash Pkgs, $0.99/lb
Total: $5.38

Bought: (4) Green Beans pkgs, $.99/lb
Total: $3.87

Bought: 3.04 lb Bananas, $0.69/lb
Total: $2.10

Bought: (1) Publix Sesame Dressing, $2.79
Total: $2.79

Bought: (8) Del Monte Mandarin Oranges, 4 pack, 3/$5
Minus: (2) $1/4 Del Monte Fruits, canned, 10 oz+, Fruit Cup Snacks, plastic 4 pk, 3.75 – 4 oz, OR Fruit Naturals Cups (exp 08/05/2012) 05/13/2012 RP Insert
Total: $11.36 (Makes them $1.42 each) – not a great price but it’s the only fruit my picky eater will eat…so I really needed to grab these.

Bought: (4) Bare by Solo Plates, 2/$4
Minus: (4) $1/1 Solo Bare product (exp 08/12/2012) 06/17/2012 SS Insert
Total: $4.00 (Makes them $1 each)

Bought: (10) Maruchan Yakisoba Noodles, BOGO $0.99
Minus: (10) $0.50/1 Maruchan Yakisoba Product (exp 07/31/2012) 05/20/2012 SS Insert
Total: FREE plus $0.05 overage

Bought: (2) Aunt Jemima Pancakes, $2.79 each
Minus: (1) $1/2 Aunt Jemima Pancakes, Waffles, or French Toast, frozen (exp 06/30/2012) 05/06/2012 SS Insert
Total: $4.78 (Makes them $2.39 each) – horrible price, but we were out and it’s the only pancakes my 5 yr old will eat

Bought: (8) Oscar Mayer Bologna, BOGO $2.99
Minus: (8) $1/1 Oscar Mayer Bologna Lunch Meat TARGET coupon (exp 07/14/2012) Target.com
Total: $3.96 (Makes them $0.49 each)

Bought: 1 large Top Sirloin Steak $4.99/lb (I had them cut this into slices for the meal I’m making)
Total: $11.58

Bought: (12) Gatorade 32 oz, 10/$10
Minus: (1) B9G3 FREE Gatorade or G2 32 oz bottles – Hangtag
Total: $7 (Makes them $0.58 each)

Minus: (2) $5 off $30 purchase Winn Dixie Coupons – Enjoy the City Books

Grand Total Spent: $58.28
Grand Total Saved: $78.89
Total Percentage Saved: 57%

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