Coupons to be On the Lookout For At Publix

by Kimberly on November 9, 2011

Publix Coupon Hunt 11/9/11


I’m getting back into the swing of things and did my weekly coupon Hunt at Publix tonight.  This is a HUGE way to find GREAT savings and unusual coupons.  I only have about 40 minutes to go through and look, but I found some Great coupons!  So…bee on the Lookout for these while you’re shopping this week.  If you aren’t comfortable taking peelies off the Products, then ask at customer service or someone stocking the shelves if they have extras.  95% are put on at the store and they usually have more in the back they are more than happy to give you! HAPPY HUNTING EVERYONE!!!

NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT DAMAGE PRODUCTS when taking off peelies.  If you are finding it isn’t coming off…THEN STOP!  The Grocery Stores have to eat the cost of damaged products.  :-)  AND…make sure to leave coupons for those behind you…don’t take ALL of them.  Everyone wants to find these!  :-)


Here is a List of Everything I found:

~ Peelies ~

  • $0.55/1 Starbucks Frappuccino Coffe Drink or Starbucks DoubleShot 4 pack, any (exp 12/31/11) -Found on Product
  • $1/1 Seattle’s Best Coffee iced Latte 4 pack, (exp 5/1/12) -Found on Product
  • $1/1 Energizer Max, Ultimate Lithium, Advanced Lithium Recharge Batteries or Chargers (exp 1/31/12) -Found on Product
  • $1 Off Ground Beef wyb Hamburger Helper Home Skillet Meals OR Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad Mixes (exp 10/17/12) -Found on Hamburger Helper Product
  • $1/2 Skippy 15oz+, Hellmann’s or Best Foods Products 16.5oz+, any, DND (exp 12/31/11) -Found on Hellmann’s Mayo Jars
  • $0.75/1 Diamond Brand Strike on Box Kitchen Matches, 3 pack, DND (exp 12/21/11) -Found on Product
  • $0.75/1 Pillsbury Sweet Moments Refrigerated Desserts (exp 2/29/12) -Found on Product
  • $1/1 Fiji Water Multipack or Case (exp 12/31/11) -Found on Fiji Water Multipack
  • $1.00 Off Pkg of Fresh Chicken AND (1) Pkg of Stove Top Stuffing Mix, DND, (exp 12/31/11) -Found on pkg of Chicken Breast
  • $1.50/1 Brother’s Gourmet Coffee 10oz + (exp 4/30/12) -Found on Product
  • $1/2 Muir Glen Tomatoes, any cans, (exp 8/18/13) -Found on Product
  • $1/2 Muir Glen Soup, any (exp 8/18/13) -Found on Product
  • $1/2 Quaker Instant Oatmeal, Quick or Old Fashioned Oats (exp 12/31/11) - Found on Canister of Quaker Old Fashioned Oats
  • $2.00 Off Sushi or Seafood Products wyb (1) Kirin Family 6 pk+ OR (3) 22oz or 24oz Bottles or Cans (Purchase price of Sushi or Seafood must exceed $4.00), DND, (exp 12/31/11) -Found on 6 pk of Kirin
  • $1 Off Dr. pepper, ANY FLAVOR, (1) 18pk or 20pk or 24 pk cans OR (2) 12 pack cans (exp 2/5/12) -Found on 12 pack of Dr. Pepper
  • $0.55/1 Chinet Classic White or Casuals Plates, DND, (exp 12/31/11) -Found on Chinet Paper Plates
  • Arm & Hammer coupon, States Save up to $4 no on Arm & Hammer Products, There are 4 different coupons on this one peelie, listed below -Found on Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent Bottle
  • > $1/2 Arm & Hammer Fridge REfresh Refrigerator Air Filter OR Baking Soda 2lb + (exp 12/31/12)
  • > $1/1 Arm & Hammer Simply Saline Product (exp 12/31/12)
  • > $1/2 Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent OR Fabric Softener Products (exp 12/31/12)
  • > $1/1 Arm & Hammer Toothpaste OR Whitening Booster 2.5oz+ (exp 12/31/12)
  • $1 off (1) Pkg Dixie Ultra Plates AND (1) Pkg Dixie Napkins, DND, (exp 12/31/11) -Found on Dixie Plates

~ Blinkies ~

  • $2/2 Jones Dairy Farm Uncooked Sausage Packages (links, Patties or Rolls), (exp 1/31/12)
  • $1/1 Jones Dairy Farm Golden Brown Sausage Pkgs (links or Patties) (exp 1/31/12) -this was a blinkie that had both Jones Dairy items in same’s a double size coupon in freezer section in front of product
  • $1/2 Baileys Non-Alchoholic Coffee Creamers (exp 2/6/12) -Found in Front of Product
  • $1/2 Tetley Tea pkgs (exp 1/31/12) -Found in Front of Product
  • $0.75/1 Fruitables Bottle or 8 pk Juice boxes (exp 1/31/12) -Found in Front of Product
  • $1/1 Jose Ole Brand Item 16oz or larger (exp 12/31/11) -Found in Front of Product

~ Tearpad ~

  • $1.00 off Packaged Coffee, any brand, size or flavor) wyb (2) Murray Sugar Free Cookies 4oz +, (exp 1/15/12) – Found in Front or Murray Cookies

~ Hangtags ~

  • FREE Snuggle Fabric Softener Liquid 32oz or Sheets 80ct wyb All Laundry Detergent 100-150oz, PUBLIX COUPON (exp 12/31/11) -Found on Snuggle Liquid Fabric Softener
  • Save $8 Now on Buitoni and Wine: This Coupons has 2 coupons on it, Listed Below: – Found on Bottle of Blackstone Wine
  • > $4.00 Off wyb (1) Buitoni Refrigerated Pasta, (1) Buitoni Refrigerated Sauce AND (1) Blackstone Bottle of Wine (exp 12/31/11)
  • > $4.00 Off wyb (1) Buitoni Frozen Complete Meal for 2 AND (1) Blackstone Bottle of Wine (exp 12/31/11)
  • $1/4 Sprite, Sprite Zero, Seagrom’s, Mellow Yellow, Fresca OR Fanta Toronja, 2 liter bottles, (exp 1/15/12) -Found on Sprite 2 liter
  • $1/3 Dr. Pepper Regular or Diet OR Dr. Pepper TEN, 2 liter bottles, DND (Exp 2/5/12) -Found on Dr. Pepper Regular 2 liter
  • $0.55/1 Dr. Pepper TEN, 2 liter bottle (exp 12/31/11) -Found on Dr. Pepper TEN 2 liter bottle

~ Other Coupons Found on Products ~

(The stores I shop at are NOTORIUS for not putting coupon booklets out, but cutting all the coupons out of them and them taping to the product) I have no idea which booklets these are from, but there were taped on the products. I will say that they both have the writing in English and Spanish…so I’m guessing there was a Spanish/Latino Coupon Booklet out. :-)

  • $1 off Coca-Cola Products (2) 12 pack OR (1) 20 or 24 pack (exp 11/15/11) **WATCH EXPIRATION**
  • $1/2 Keeber Cookies, any Flavor, 6.6oz + (exp 1/31/12) 

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