Facebook Changes: How to Find Savvy Coupon Lady Deals on FB

by Kimberly on September 24, 2011

Well, Facebook has changed once again. If you are a ‘silent reader’ of Savvy Coupon Lady on Facebook (meaning you don’t leave or like comments) then you will probably not be seeing the posts and will missing some HOT deals!

Follow the Instructions below to make sure you are able to view all of the Savvy Coupon Lady Deals on Facebook again

1. Scroll down on your wall and find any post by Savvy Coupon Lady.

2. Click the Drop Down arrow that is located on the top Right hand corner of the box.

3. Select ‘Mark as Top Story’

(I would recommend doing this to at least 4 other posts just to make sure it works.)

You can also Create a ‘List’ to follow.

  • Go to your home screen, click on lists on the left side of the screen.
  • Click on “Create a List.”
  • Choose the name you want, people will be notified when they are put on a list (you could call this one Saving money)
  • Now you can add friends, pages or subscriptions to your list. Just select where you want to add from in that drop down menu on the top left.
  • Once you have finished a list, you can go to your lists menu and favorite certain lists so that they show up under your “Favorites”.
  • Click on your new list under “Favorites” or “Lists,” and you will see only updates from pages and people you added there.

Thanks Consumer Queen!


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