Free Ovaltine Sample 2012

by Kimberly on May 16, 2012

Free Ovaltine Sample 2012

Ovaltine isn’t something we really ever see on sale, so this FREE Ovaltine Sample is GREAT!!! Any of you ever think about the ‘Christmas Story’ movie when you hear the word Ovaltine? teeheehee. That’s my all time favorite Christmas movie! I am thinking that this Free Ovaltine Sample Offer won’t last too long, so request yours before it’s gone. This Free Ovaltine Sample is over on the Ovaltine USA Facebook page, so you will need to click ‘Like’ first then request your sample!  You also will get a screen to allow an app on your Facebook page.  I changed the setting to allow ‘only me’ to see it.  :-) Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery!



Request your FREE Ovaltine Sample

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