Free Redbox Codes March 2013 – Free Rentals

by Kimberly on February 28, 2013

Free Rental Redbox Codes for March 2013

FREE Redbox Codes March 2013 – FREE Rentals

Here are the latest Redbox Free Rental Codes!   If you will be heading out soon to grab a movie or game at a Redbox soon, make sure you check out these great codes for FREE movie and game rentals! I added a new code today!

I keep this page updated with the latest Redbox free rental Codes, so make sure you bookmark this page so you can easily find it whenever you want to grab a movie or game!

My buddy, Zack, over at Coupon Dad has all of the current and latest Red Box Codes for FREE and Discounted Red Box Movies for you. I  have a few codes below for you, but there are lots MORE, so make sure you check out his full list at the link below!  Also,  read the ‘Red Box Rental Tips’ Below!

Redbox Free Rental Codes March 2013: 

FREE Movie Rental Codes: 

  • REDBOX (**New customers only**)
  • ALLYOU  (thanks Kalas K.)
  • WALGREENS (valid at Walgreens Locations ONLY)
  • DVDATKROGER  (valid at Kroger locations ONLY)
  • DVDKROG (valid at Kroger locations ONLY)

FREE GAME Rental Codes: 

There are a few other codes you can get when you text one of the keywords below  to 727272.  They will text you back with your code for  a FREE one night GAME Rental.!!


There are lots more codes, so head over and Check out all of the Current Redbox Free Rental Codes at CouponDad.net

Red Box Rental Tips:

  • You can only use each code one time per credit/debit card you use, so make sure you either use a different code the second time or a different card. :-)
  • Make sure you return your movies by 9pm to avoid being charged for an additional day rental fee
  • Some Red Box Coupon Codes may be regional, so they may not work in every area.

Redbox Information:

Redbox is the most popular way to rent movies these days.  Redbox has all of the newly released movies too, so if you’re like my family and wait to see it until it comes out on dvd, then these Redbox Movies are for you!

Enjoy the savings with these Redbox Codes March 2013!

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