Get in Shape Week in Review

by Kimberly on May 20, 2012

Funny diet cartoon

I’m checking in on my ‘Get in Shape’ progress.  I did really well with my diet this week.  I’ve had healthy foods all week and 1 cheat day, which wasn’t a day, just 1 meal.  My exercise for the week was pretty much none.  I’ve been wanting to go roller skating, so last night for our date night my husband surprised me and took me to a roller skating rink.  I skated long enough that my legs are sore today. LOL…but after a little while, I just wasn’t feeling it for date night, and needed some face to face time with my husband.  It was such a crazy week that I just wanted to go somewhere quiet where we could talk and connect.  So, we left and sat outside Starbucks and had such a nice time laughing and talking.

My Diet this week consisted of:

Baked chicken breasts
protein shakes
protein bars
fruit (berries)

My biggest problem has been that I’m usually having one REALLY LARGE Salad once a day and then just a protein bar/shake later, because of my busy schedule, which is horrible for my metabolism, so the past 3 days I’ve worked at eating every 2-3 hours, just small portions.  We’ll see if that helps a couple pounds come off. :-) Crossing my fingers that it does!

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