Get Started with Swagbucks: It’s Mega Swagbucks Friday!

by Kimberly on December 15, 2011

It’s Friday!!! Mega Swagbucks Day!! Which means…you have a higher chance of winning higher points today!! For those of you that are new to Swagbucks…this is a MUST JOIN! I have very little time for doing this kind of thing, but Swagbucks and Recyclebank are two point earning systems I’m using faithfully, because it is so worth the few minutes it takes! It’s free to sign up!

Two weeks ago I was just able to order the Nintendo DS I’ve been telling you I was saving up for one of my kids for Christmas. Every time I get 450 swagbucks I order an e-Gift Card. It takes about 14 days to get it emailed to you, then once you receive it on swagbucks, you just paste the code they give you to your account (under gift cards) and $5 is added to your account as credit…and it NEVER expires!!! So I just keep building up credit until I have enough to buy what I’m wanting. Last week I only had to pay shipping for the Ninitendo DS, Something we NEVER would be able to get if it weren’t for Swagbucks! Yipeee!!


To sign up and start earning: CLICK HERE.


My favorite thing to buy with my Swagbucks is the Amazon e-gift card. Once you get the code for your gift card you apply it to your account, and it never expires. You just build up credit there until you have enough to buy what you’re wanting!

This is a GREAT way to get some FREE Christmas Presents! I’m saving mine up for Electronics for the kids for Christmas. To see how I got a FREE ipod shuffle using swagbucks, CLICK HERE.


How you can Earn Swagbucks:
1) When you search the web for something, search on swagbucks instead, and every so often you’ll earn points.
2) Download the Swagbucks Toolbar and everyday you earn 1 pt just for having that downloaded
3) Do the Daily Poll each day for another point
4) Taking Surveys is an excellent way to earn
5) Referring your friends
6) There are often codes/ hints to codes given on the toolbar for extra points. This takes a little longer to ‘hunt’ for the code from clues given, but if you have a few extra minutes it’s worth it!!


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