Happy Veteran’s Day!

by Kimberly on November 11, 2011

Honoring All Who Served and Saluting You!


In Honor of all of our Veterans, both fallen and with us today, I wanted to share this short article written by a very talented 12 year old girl this year about why she is proud of our Country. She also happens to be my daughter. She actually wrote this for a writing competition and she won first place in the district and is now competing for state! I’m so proud of her…and Our Country!! (Article used with permission. ;-) )  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, to each one of you that have served and are serving our country!!


Our Country

” The Bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there”. Every day I hear these words while holding my hand over my heart. These words aren’t just words in a song; they are the definition of America. Every time we hear of bombs bursting we know that our amazing military is fighting for OUR rights. We should know that our flag, no matter what, will always be standing strong. I’m proud of my country because of how much the military does to keep us safe, and also because we are able to pull together in rough times.

One of the many, precious reasons why I love my country is because of how much the military goes through to keep us safe. The men and women who make up the military are simply amazing. They leave their families and risk their lives to fight for people they haven’t even met. Often times they leave the country to go to war. I can’t imagine doing that. That is why I’m so proud of my military.

Another reason why I am so incredibly proud of my country is because we’re always able to pull together in rough times. There is a saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. I think when the Towers fell it made us stronger. As a country, and as a family we all pulled together to get through that time. There were ordinary people going up the stairs of the tower to help the people still in that building. Some people on the streets were picking up people and running because they wanted to help someone else survive. That is exactly what a family would do. We all put aside our differences to help each other. Right now we are in a recession. We are all pulling together to help each other, whether it’s volunteering or simply helping someone pay for their lunch. How can you not be proud of people who give a little money, or do something for free? I am extremely proud of the family we can be.

I hope I have left you with some knowledge as to why I am so proud of my country. Of course these are not the only reasons why I’m proud of my country but the military and how we can all pull together are definitely my top two.

~Written by: My Daughter Mikaela O.!!


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