Helping You Organize: Your Own Personal Coupon Database

by Kimberly on June 1, 2011

I thought that some of you might really like this. This is a FREE service where you can enter your coupons into your own personal coupon database. This is a great way to keep track of all your loose coupons (blinkies, peelies, hangtags…etc) You can keep track of how many of each you have (change the amount if you use a few) and expiration dates. This way, rather than going through all of your coupons saying “I’m pretty sure I had a coupon for that” you can actually type a search into your own personal coupon database and find it a little easier. It will take a little time to get all you have entered. I’m slowly working on getting all mine in. My goal is to enter 5 a day, so I don’t completely overwhelm myself…however if you have a little more time to enter them you’ll be done quickly. Once you have everything entered…it won’t be much to keep up…just enter in any new coupons as soon as you get home from the store then file them! Simple!!

Here’s How to do it:

  1. Go HERE (Deal Seeking Mom)
  2. Hover your mouse over ‘Coupons’ Tab at the top. (There will be a drop down box.)
  3. Hover over ‘Coupon Database’ (another drop down box will appear)
  4. Click ‘Personal Coupon Box’
  5. You will then need to Sign Up with a username and email
  6. They will email you a confirmation that you will need to open up that gives you a password Then you can sign in and start entering your coupons.

Entering Your Coupons:

Click ‘Add Coupon’ You will see the following items to enter. I’m going to list each Item in Bold and give you an example of what to enter after the (:) The Example I’m using is a $1/1 Kraft Big Cheese Slices Coupon

  • Type: Blinkie, Hangtag, Peelie (etc…)
  • Source: If coupon from a booklet enter booklet name here, otherwise retype blinkie or whatever it is
  • Category: you can leave blank
  • Description: Kraft Big Cheese Slices 8oz pkg
  • Brand: Kraft
  • Product: Cheese
  • Value: $1/1
  • Limitations: DND (do not double or triple…etc)
  • Blogging Format: (if you want to enter in here you can…This is more for those who run a couponing blog.) Ex. of what you would enter: $1/1 Kraft Big Cheese Slices 8oz pkg (DND) -Blinkie (exp 7/31/11)
  • Expiration: 7/31/2011 (whatever the expiration date is)
  • Store: (enter whatever store the coupon can only be used at. If that doesn’t apply then leave blank)
  • Keywords: Kraft, Cheese, Kraft Cheese (this just helps you find it when you do a search for it later)
  • Notes: (anything you want to add about this coupon)
  • Then Click ‘Add Coupon’
  • Once coupon is added you will see it in a box below and can enter Quantity (how many of that coupon you have)
  • Then click ‘Update Quantities and Dates’ on the lower right hand side of the screen.

That’s it! Now anytime you are looking for one of your loose coupons you can simply go to your personal coupon box, do a quick search and see if you still have it, how many you have left and if it’s expired or not!! YIPEE!!!

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