How to Cut A Mango

by Kimberly on July 1, 2012

How to Cut A Mango

How to Cut A Mango

If you follow my Coupon Saving shopping trips, you know that whenever Mangos are on sale I stock up on them. Several of my friends said they love them, but never buy them, because they’re not sure how to cut mangos. Most of them try peeling the skin of, which is a big stringy mess…so they give up and miss on this delicious fruit!

We’ve had such amazing prices on Mangos lately (on sale BOGO $1.50 at Publix this week through 7/4/12), that I thought I’d teach you how to cut up mangos so you too can enjoy them when they’re on sale!

I bet you’re wondering how on earth I learned how cut mangos. Well, I grew up as a missionary and spent years in 3rd World Nations and had some wonderful local friends teach me how to do this. We used to make tropical fruit salads with mango, pineapple and papaya! (FYI…all three of these fruit are on sale at Publix this week – yum!!)

How Do You Cut A Mango…..

How To Cut A Mango

1. Find the widest part of the Mango on the end with the stem (Photo #1)
– Mangos have a very large pit in the center of them, that are about 1/2 inch thick and run almost the full length of the mango.

2. Move your knife about 1/4 inch to the side of the center (Photo #2)

3. Cut the Mango Down Lengthwise.
– You may hit the seed and need to move the knife over a little further
– Repeat on the other side

4. Carefully Slide the knife around the seed of the mango to remove the sections remaining (Photo #3)
– You will now have 2 full ‘side’ pieces and 2 small slices (from the sides) of Mango pulp that is still in the skin!

Cross-Hatch Cuts in Mango

5. Carefully cut a cross-hatch pattern into the mango pulp, down to the skin. BE CAREFUL NOT to cut through the skin (Photo #4)

6. Pick up the Cut Mango Side and you’re going to ‘turn it inside out’ (Photo #5)
– Place your one thumb on each end of the cut mango and your other fingers at the bottom of the slice on the skin in the center.
– Holding the Mango firmly with your thumbs, Push your fingers up to turn the mango ‘inside out’ pushing the cross hatch pattern upwards, until the cut pieces pop up (Photo #5)

Cutting a Mango

7. Carefully slide your knife between the skin and mango pulp, removing the large squares of mango (Photo #6)
– Discard the Skin

8. Take the two small pieces you cut from the side of the seed and Carefully cut down to the skin in 1 inch sections, then slide the knife between the skin and mango pulp removing the cut chunks. (Photo #7)

9. Place in a bowl and enjoy!

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