How to Use Coupons at Publix

How to use Coupons at Publix

How to Use Coupons at Publix

I am asked very frequently where I do most of my coupon shopping at, and my answer every time is PUBLIX!!!  I have found over time, that they have the best deals, and their deals not only cover groceries, but toiletries and household necessities.  Publix has the best customer service and is incredibly coupon friendly as well, which definitely keeps Publix #1 on my places to shop.

There are just a few things to learn how to use coupons at Publix.  I assure you you’ll catch the hang of it quickly and be saving money in no time!  For even more detailed easy coupon instructions, head over and check out my How to Use Coupons.


~ How To Use Coupons at Publix ~

There are always three sales going on at Publix at a time.

*Normal weekly  sale (cycle runs thursday-wednesday of every week in the Tampa bay area…some are areas are wednesday through tuesday so check your local sale cycle)

*Yellow advantage flyer (the yellow flyer you find in the store on the same stand as weekly-ad)

*Green advantage flyer (the green flyer you find in the store on the same stand as weekly-ad)

A Few Things to Know About Shopping at Publix:

1.  You are legally able to use a Manufacturer coupon for each item you purchase….EVEN THE FREE ONE you get with their BOGO deals!  THIS is how you save more at Publix than shopping at Super Center Stores.
2.  You can also ‘stack’ a Store coupon with a Manufacturer coupon…yes, even on the free item.  Publix honors competitor (store)coupons.  Check with the Customer Service staff at the Publix you shop at to find out who they consider competitors.
4. Publix honors competitor coupons…however…What each Publix considers to be a competitor varies from store to store.  I highly recommend asking the customer service department at your Publix for a list of which stores they consider to be competitors.
5. Not all Publix allow you to use more than one identical store coupon per transaction. Ask at your customer service desk prior to shopping.
6.  NOT ALL PUBLIX ALLOW THE FOLLOWING: ‘Overage’.  This is when the dollar amount on your coupons exceeds the actual cost of the product.  Now, if your store allows overage you will not get cash back, but what happens is that the overage comes off the total due of your other grocery items.  Check with Customer Service at your Publix to see if they allow this, as many do.  It is, however, up to each individual manager .

  • FLORIDA READERS: Coupons are not doubled Here in Florida. Because of this, when I list the ‘total due’ it is with coupons NOT doubled…so if you are able to take advantage of doubling coupons your price will be even less…and I’m JEALOUS!! :-)
  • FLORIDA READERS: When Publix Has an item on sale BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) you must buy BOTH items to get the second one free. In many states when the item is BOGO they can purchase 1 item and it will ring up at 50% off. Here in Florida though, we must buy 2 items to receive the FREE. One will ring up at full price and the other will ring up Free. Because of this it is important to buy in pairs and you can put an coupon on each item, including the Free one. That is how we save here. We are already getting one item free so the coupon dollar amount comes off the price of the one we are paying for. All of the BOGO Deal suggestions below are made for those that need to buy 2 items to get the BOGO. (I’m here in Florida too)

As always, feel free to e-mail me with any questions.   My goal is to empower you to successfully reduce your grocery bill 50-90%!


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