How to Use Coupons

Welcome to Savvycouponlady.com!!

I am excited to empower you with the skills needed to begin saving 50-90% on your grocery bills!! If you are wanting to learn how to use coupons, this is the place to start!  My sole purpose in starting this blog, was to help others learn how to successfully reduce their grocery bill by learning how to use coupons properly and ethically.

I will give you one Savvy coupon instruction at a time for you to read at your own leisure. By the end of it…you too will be a Savvy Couponer.  Please feel free to email me at any time with questions you have along the way.  I am here to help you become a SUCCESSFUL Savvy Couponer!


How to use Coupons: 


Week 1: Why & How to Stockpile

Week 2: Where Do I Get Coupons

Week 3: How To Organize Coupons

Week 4: How it Works: Using Manufacturer’s Coupons

Week 5: How it Works: Combining Store & Manufacturer’s Coupons

Week 6: What is a Money Maker? How it Works at the Grocery Store

Week 7: Money Makers at the Drug Stores

Week 8: How you find the Deals

Week 9: How to Get your Shopping list and Coupons Together


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