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One of the most commomly asked questions is, “How do I organize all my coupons?”  I have come up with a system that works for me and saves me a TON of time!

STEP 1:  Sunday Coupon Inserts
You will pull all the Sunday Inserts and put all the SmartSource together, then all the Red Plum together, then P&G…etc. (Photo below)


STEP 2:  File them by that Sunday’s Date (You don’t clip anything!!  WOOHOO!!) :-)  I have a file box, but if you can’t afford that just use a cardboard box and put them in a folder with that Sunday’s Date (if you can’t afford folders, then cut a bigger piece of cardboard & put that Sunday’s date on it to divide between Sunday’s.   PICTURED BELOW:  Photo 1 is the File Boxes I use (I label the outside of the box as to which Dates are in the box),  Photo 2 is inside the file box (I use hanging folders with tabs for each Sunday’s Date)  **Note: If you buy the All You Coupon Magazine, you can also put those in a file box & label by the month & year (Ex: All You March 2011)



STEP 3:  What to do with the Loose coupons (blinkies, tearpads, peelies, Internet Printables, In Package Coupons, Coupons you clipped & didn’t use…etc) Photos Below: In Photo 1: Picture of Mini File Box. Photo 2: Inside my File Box

Each one of you will find what works for you.  I don’t have a lot of time and found these mini file boxes & bought 2 (available at Office Depot & Staples).  I know that most couponers use a Binder with baseball card holders, but I found it took me too much time going through and pulling them out to find what I needed.  So…I separated these file boxes into the following categories (you may need some other categories that I don’t have).

One File Box is: Grocery and has the following labels (I file them with earliest expiration date in the front of each stack):
-Dry/Shelf Grocery Peelie
-Refrigerated/Frozen Peelie
-Dry/Shelf Grocery Tearpad
-Refrigerated/Frozen Tearpad
-In Package Grocery Coupons
-Dry/Shelf Grocery Blinkies
-Refrigerated/Frozen Blinkies
-Hangtags – Food & Beverage
-IP (internet printable) Dry/Shelf Grocery
-IP Frozen Grocery
-IP Refrigerated Grocery
-Publix Coupons – ALL

FILE BOX 2: Target, Paper Products, Health & Beauty, Cleaning, Baby Items. They are broken down & labeled as follows:
-Target Grocery
-Target Health/Beauty/Medicine
-IP (internet printable) Health/Beauty/Medicine
-IP paper products/cleaning/laundry
-Paper/Cleaning/Non-Food Blinkies
-Health/Beauty/Medicine Peelies, Blinkies, tearpads, & in package
-Baby Items (diapers, wipes) ALL coupons
-Clipped unused Coupons
-Target Clothing & Other
-Other Misc Store Coupons



Now for those of you that can’t afford a mini file box…this is what I did until I could afford one.  I used a cheap paper folders , cut up envelopes taped the sides shut then glued them inside the folders.  I broke them down into the same categories I listed above.  (photo below of folder with envelopes)


STEP 4:  Coupon Booklets.

These I bought a binder for with magazine pages you can buy at Staples.  They aren’t organized in any certain way…I just put them in there…usually I can only fit 2 groups per page, as I grab 6 coupon booklets at a time.


STEP 5: Lastly what I take to the grocery store.

I take a little coupon organizer (these are available everywhere..often hanging in the aisles at Publix) and a pair of pointed fiskar scissors (because I often need to cut coupons out of the green & yellow advantage flyers at the store).  I labeled the tabs by STORE…I have Publix, Walgreens & CVS and then I keep the scissors in the back and any coupons I grab while I’m in the store (blinkies, peelies etc) I stick in the back until I get home, then I file them in the red mini file boxes.


THAT IS IT!!  It’s very easy!!!  If you get stuck along the way remember you can always e-mail me with questions.  My goal is to help each one of you become successful Couponers!!!

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