How to Use My Coupon Database

by Kimberly on March 31, 2011

For those of you that have been with me since the beginning when I didn’t have a blog,  just a little website (and for some of you before I even had a website :-))…I am PROUD to be able to offer you all so many more services since switching to a blog format.  One of the things that I’ve been able to add is the ‘Coupon Database’.  This is where you go if there is an item you are wanting to purchase and you’re not sure if there is a coupon for it or not.

The coupon database will not only tell you if there is one, but it will list ALL available and where you can get them.  If it’s an internet printable…it will be linked and you just click and print!!  EXCITING RIGHT?!!!  SOOOO much easier than searching through all your coupons!  Below is a picture of what the screen looks like and below that I’ll give you a few tips on using it.  It is really simple. But there are a few features that can help you narrow your searches, and that’s what I want to show you!

First Step is to click the ‘Coupon Database’ tab on the Menu Bar of

You will then see 5 buttons across the top of the Coupon Database Labeled as follows:

Description: Name of Item you are Searching for. Example: Huggies Diapers (Make sure Spelling is CORRECT)
Coupon Source: This is a drop down box where you can select if you want to search for only Publix or Target or blinkies or Internet Printables…etc. If you do not make a selection it will by default search for all available.
Source Date: This is a Drop Down box where you can select a certain date. (For example: you know it was in an insert on 3/13/11 but need to find which insert, then you can select a date)
Value: You can select what Value coupon you want to search for. If you only want $1/1 coupons or $0.25/1 coupons etc…you can select that. If nothing selected by default all values will be searched.
Not Expired: This is where you select if you want to search ALL coupons INCLUDING expired then you’d select 3mths, 6mths etc. I suggest keeping it at the NOT expired default, so that it only searches and lists the NOT expired coupons for you.

Second Row of Buttons:
Search: When you’ve entered the Item you are looking for in the description box (MAKE SURE SPELLING IS CORRECT!!), then just click the SEARCH button. If anything is available for the item you entered it will show up. If NOTHING shows up, it means there is no coupons available for that item.
Reset: This simply Resets all the buttons to their default setting
Suggest a Coupon: If you find a new coupon, or coupon booklet and it doesn’t show up on the coupon database, you can click that button and enter the information.

** The coupon database is a service that I subscribe to and it is updated daily by the individuals that manage that service. I DO NOT manage that service. It is provided for my readers to make all of our couponing adventures a little easier. :-)**

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