Kids’ Thanksgiving Table And Crafts

by Kimberly on November 20, 2012

Kid's Thanksgiving Table Decoration Ideas

Kids’ Thanksgiving Table And Crafts

I had so much fun planning and decorating the kids’ Thanksgiving Table this year.   I have never planned crafts for the kids on Thanksgiving, but to be honest, after 2 days of cooking and sheer exhaustion the kids running around screaming is almost more than I can usually handle, so I thought it would help this year if I actually had a super fun table and some  crafts for them this year.   The best part about this table and crafts is that I barely had to spend much money on it!

I actually found some scrapbooking paper at Michael’s Craft Store with some great fall colors, and went from there.  The paper was my inspiration.  I think I bought 3 sheets of each and was not only able to make it stretch for several items I made.

Thanksgiving Coloring Page Placemats:

Thanksgiving Coloring Page Placemat for Kids

I started with Thanksgiving Coloring Page Placemats.  These were Super Easy. I did a google search for Thanksgiving Coloring pages, and printed up 6 of the one I liked.  I then cut 3 inch pieces of the Scrapbooking paper then glued it to the 2 sides of the coloring sheet.  Each one was glued onto the back side so that the color side of the scrapbooking paper showed on the front.

I then took a blue plastic cup and glued a piece of paper around it, then I had some letters left from a project I did a couple of years ago, glued the first letter of each child’s name on each cup and put some crayons in each cup so they can color.

Kid’s Table Centerpiece Decorations: 

Kids' Thanksgiving Centerpiece

I made 2 paper pumpkins, just for something fun and festive to add to the table.  I used the same scrapbooking paper to carry the colors and theme through.  These were pretty easy to make.  You can check out how to make these below.  They were fun and easy.

Paper Pumpkin Directions

Thanksgiving Tree: 

For the Thanksgiving ‘tree’ I had my daughter go out and find some branches…FREE!  I then just put some decorative acorn in a vase, which I already had, tied some raffia around the vase.  I then placed the branches in the vase.  I cut some leaves out of the same scrapbooking paper.  I used a hole punch to punch a hole in one end and then used raffia to make a string so they can hang off the tree.

The kids can write something they are thankful for on the back of the paper leaves and then hang them on the branches.  Adds some height for the table decor and is a fun activity for the kids to do.  I placed a few of the leaves on the tree and then put the rest of the paper leaves on the table.

Edible Thanksgiving Table Decor: 

I made the Peanut Butter chocolate Acorn Treats that I shared with you a couple of weeks ago, and spread them around the table so the kids can snack on them. I have the directions for those below.

Acorn Treats Recipe

I also made TeePee Cupcakes.  I’ll be honest, these were a mess to make, and out of the 12 I made only 6 made it through the baking process. But since I have 6 kids coming over it worked out perfectly.  You can check out the directions for making those below.

TeePee Cupcakes Recipe

The place settings: 

I’m using the White Chinet Plates I bought at Publix for the plates for the kids, blue paper napkins folded like a fan (I figured it looks a bit like a Turkey Tail), and Paper cups for their drinks.  I also have silver plastic wear that I tied together with raffia to add a little color when I put them on the plates with the napkins.

Thanksgiving Day Craft Plan:

I came up with 5 crafts for the kids.  4 of them will take a little while to do, so they should keep the kids occupied having fun for a while. Although, I’m still debating the soap craft…not sure if I’ll want to deal with the mess of that one on thanksgiving. ;-)

I think these will keep the kids busy for a while.

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