Let’s Talk Publix Coupon Policy Changes

by Kimberly on May 10, 2011

I wanted to let you all know that on Thursday I will be getting ALL of Publix’s new coupon policies. I see that other websites are posting some of it, however I want to wait until I have one from THIS area and the FULL policy in my hand. One of my jobs is to keep up on this for all of you so we can save money ethically by staying within the policies. I want to actually review the WHOLE thing and give you a FULL report. :-) I spoke with the Manager at my Publix yesterday and she said they will be handing out an abbreviated sheet to all customers starting this Saturday.

After speaking with her at length…I really do not believe there will be any real changes for any of us. The only thing…which is a GOOD THING…is there will be consistency with all the stores as to what their policies will be. I will post everything as soon as I get it typed up on Thursday. :-) Publix is the ONLY store I know of that didn’t have a standard ‘Company Wide’ coupon policy to begin with….so it will make shopping much easier when we know what to expect at any store!

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