Missing Coupon Inserts? Forgot to Buy the Sunday Paper?

by Kimberly on March 21, 2011


I had several people contact me yesterday about not receiving the SmartSource Inserts in your Sunday paper (they bought the St.Pete Times).   I also, while on vacation last week, forgot to get my Sunday Papers!!!  GASP!!!  So, I’ve been looking into where we can the missing inserts or where you can purchase them if you forget to buy the paper on Sunday.  There is a place you can order your Sunday Inserts.  This is not the most cost effective way of doing this, but if you forgot to buy the paper or are missing inserts, or want to just pay someone to cut the coupons you are wanting, there are a few options.

1. To Purchase Whole Inserts (this is what I just did) and clipped coupons:  You can use this website: 

2. There is another website that clips coupons for you.  You just select what you want and for a small fee they will clip them and send them to you. This website is:

3. Until I hear about the St.Pete Times carrying the SmartSource Inserts again….BUY THE TAMPA TRIBUNE!!  They definitly have the inserts that are supposed to be in there. 

First I want to say that I have a call into the St.Pete Times about the missing SmartSource.  Many of you know I have been working with a company to  provide the St.Pete Times at a  discounted rate  at my workshops.  There was a period of time, (before I started couponing) that St.Pete Times was not contracted with SmartSource and therefore did not carry them.  However, they did get a contract with them last year.  I am waiting to hear back to see if this has changed again and if that’s the reason there are missing inserts.  I will keep you all posted about the St. Pete Times.  I know this is the ONLY reason I buy the Sunday Papers!!  VERY frustrating to spend money to buy something that isn’t there or some of it is missing!! 

I hope this helps all of you!!  For those of you who get the St.Pete Times delivered to your home, I suggest calling them and requesting the missing Inserts be delivered to you, and letting them know this is the ONLY reason you buy the Sunday paper.  Hopefully, if enough of you call, it will motivate them to get the SmartSource Insert back in there.

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