My Coupon Savings 5/6/12 Weekly Totals

by Kimberly on May 13, 2012

My Coupon Savings 5/13/12 Weekly Totals

I don’t have HUGE Coupon savings this week.  Any of you that have read my blog for just a little bit know that I teach Couponing for the ‘Real World’.  The reality is that we won’t always have huge coupon savings.  I am about saving on as much as we can, and there are always items that we need or our family uses that are rare on sale or there are rarely coupons for.  Sometimes, it’s just something that your family really enjoys!  It’s very important to have balance in every area of our lives, and that includes couponing.  The amount of money I save on toiletries, cleaning supplies and groceries, allows me a little freedom in my budget to get those other items.  This week we bought a lot of protein again.  I’m looking for a sale on the Pure protein bars, so I can score them for only $0.50 each, but until that sale comes up again, I am purchasing them at Sam’s Club.  We found we were running out of protein before the end of 2 weeks, so we bought a little extra this week.  Last month by the end of the month I still stayed within budget…so it all balances out. The other side of this is that I’m determined to lose the rest of this weight and I HAVE to have healthy foods. Last week running out of the healthy foods I needed wasn’t fun! So I’m willing to spend a little more right now so I can get healthy….better than a HUGE medical bill later. :-) Below is everything I purchased this week and how much I spent and saved.

~ Publix Purchases ~

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(1) Angel Soft Bath Tissue 24 rolls, $4.99
(6) Capri-Sun 10 packs, $1.79
(8) Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing, Buy 1 @ $3.45 Get 1 Free
(12) Gatorade 32 oz, $1 each
(2) Banquet Chicken Nuggets, $4.99
(10) Del Monte Fruit Cups 4 pack, $1.66 each
(1) Publix Sredded Mozzarella Cheese, $3.39
(1) Publix Shredded 4 cheese, $4.99
(2) Campbell’s Beef Gravy $2.09
(2) Campbell’s Turkey Gravy, $1.47
(3) Bags of Green Beans – Total $4.39
(1) Bunch Italian Parsley – $0.99
(6) Fresh Express Salad Buy 1 @ $3.99 Get 1 Free
(1) Garlic – Total $0.42
(3) Tasti-Lee Tomatoes – Total $1.82
(3) Navel Oranges – Total $2.88
(4) Red Delicious Apples – Total $4.05
(2.64/lb) Bananas – Total $1.82
(1) Mancini Roasted Red Peppers Jar, $3.89
(2) Publix Bakery Potato Rolls, 12 count, $2.99 each
(1) Publix Dinner Rolls, 12 count, $2.49
(2) Phazyme, $3.49 Each
(8) Sominex, $3.19 each
(2) Hallmark Mother’s Days Cards (1 was $4.79 the other $3.69)
(2) Ground Chuck Packages – Total $7.42

Total Spent at Publix: $88.68
Total Saved at Publix: $136.35

~ Sam’s Club Purchases ~

(2) Salmon Burger boxes, $14.98 each
(2) Premier Protein Shakes boxes, $18.88 each
(1) EAS Protein Shakes box, $27.48
(1) Pure Protein bars Variety Pack, $17.98
(1) Zephyrhills Spring Water 32 pack, $4.48 (we needed some to hold us over until I can get to Walgreens this week and stock up again)

Total Spent: $117.66

Grand total Spent This Week: $206.34
Grand Total Saved this week: $136.35

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