My Fun Frugal Crafting Project!

by Kimberly on July 9, 2011

If any of you have a Frugal Tip you’d like to share (can be about anything) email it to me!  I’d like to start having some Frugal Tips posted frequently on here, so we can save money in every area of our lives!

Many of you know I’m an artist and that when I was a single mom I had my own business painting murals and doing faux finishes. We rent the home we’re in so I didn’t want to invest in curtains, but wanted to warm up the windows. Thankfully, my wonderful landlords have given me permission to paint anything I like. :-) I looked around in my stash of paint and this is what I did…and it didn’t cost me anything. I had an old stencil I used for a border around a painting and used two little bottles of paint (typically the paint would have cost about $1-$1.50/bottle…just acrylic paint, Americana & Delta brands are the best…and I can’t remember how much the stencil was, but I got it at Michael’s Craft store about 3 years ago). I’m not a huge fan of stencils, but when used properly they can add a nice touch.

Painted Window Frame around sliding glass door


So, Here’s what I did. (This project took me about 3 hrs to complete)

1) Stencil around each window using a dry brush using whatever color you want…a darker color is better as you’re going to be painting over it all. (Tip: Wipe most of the paint off before you paint so it doesn’t run underneath the stencil).
2) Let paint dry
3) Using a level and ruler mark off the border size you want (make sure it will be wide enough to cover the stencil.) Then Tape off with painter’s tape (I didn’t use painter’s tape, I just held the level against the wall as I painted the second layer,, and just wiped off the level as I went, but I’ve done this a long time….if you’re a beginner it will probably be easier if you tape around the outside of the border you create)
4) Select a slightly lighter color and use a dry wide paintbursh. LIGHTLY dip your brush in the paint and then paint over the stencil in the border you created, applying A LOT of pressure work the paint over a large area until it’s translucent, you don’t want any thick areas, you want to soften the stencil but still be able to see it. :-)
5) Let it dry and remove the painters tape (if you used it)

And….the completed project…it was a cheap and quick fix to warm up the room a bit.


The completed project!

Another Angle....


I’m posting the picture below as an alternate color idea for a border…but with paint, the options are endless…and it’s just paint…you can always paint over it if you don’t like it.  :-)  To get the effect in the picture below, paint the border first in a darker color then stencil over top in a lighter color…I used gold for the painting below.

Other border color ideas...Painting done by me.


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