My ‘Get in Shape’ Week in Review 4/8/12

by Kimberly on April 14, 2012

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Earlier this week I shared a little about myself and my need to get in shape.   I promised that each week I would share how/what I did for that week.

This was my third week of changing my eating habits and exercising, and I’m feeling GREAT!


My diet this week consisted of the following:

Eggs (hard boiled – left from Coloring Easter Eggs)
Turkey (left over from Turkey Easter Dinner)
Protein Shakes (I just mix 1 scoop of protein powder in a glass of cold water)
Green Beans
Spinach/artichoke hearts
Salmon Burgers
Almonds (these make a WONDERFUL snack! 6-8 of these knock out my hunger amazingly well)
Water, Water, Water


My weekly Exercise Activities

Monday – Bike Ride 5.56 miles
Tuesday – Zumba Class (1 hour)
Thursday – Bike Ride 4.59 miles

I’m hoping to get another bike ride in later today.


My only really struggle this week was that I was EXHAUSTED!! Several late nights and early mornings with work and sick kids left me with little energy to exercise, but I did it anyways, and it was such a great Stress reliever. After 3 weeks, I am feeling so much better. Besides that my pants aren’t as tight as they were 3 weeks ago, my joints aren’t hurting as much either, and that more than anything thrills me. I didn’t struggle urges for junk food (that passed after the first week). Every time I make a healthy choice, whether it’s the food I eat, choosing to get on my bike, or getting to the gym for a Zumba Class, I feel better about myself AND I get encouraged with each healthy choice that I may someday get back into my smaller jeans. teeheehee.

We’ve been looking around town for deals on protein, so I’ll share our finds with you later today! I’d love to hear how you did this week, what you struggled with, what you found victory in, and how you are feeling after a week. If you’re not comfortable leaving a comment here, feel free to e-mail me for support!



Disclosure: This is my own personal plan to get in shape. I am not a trainer, dietician or any kind of expert on weight loss. You should always consult a physician before starting a weight loss plan.

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