My ‘Get in Shape’ Week of 4/15 in Review

by Kimberly on April 21, 2012

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I’ve had a pretty rough week this week.  Those of you following me in this series, know that I have already had back surgery and currently have 2 herniated Discs in my back….well, I managed to throw my back out at the end of last week, and it has taken all week for me to be feeling better.  I think  Zumba requires a little too much booty shaking for my back, which is a complete bummer because I LOVE that Zumba Class.  Tuesday night I was at the ER with our 12 year old Daughter from 5:15 to 1:30 am (she’s fine) then I came home to my 2 year old sick with a fever and cold, who decided it would be fun to keep me up until 4 am that morning and sleep very little this week  Needless to say, It’s been another less than dull week at the Guzzi home! teeheehee.

I’ve managed to keep up my healthy eating this week….actually I’ve been really good about it this week.


My Diet This week Consisted of the Following:

Special K Protein Cereal (about a cup at a time and enough 2% milk to wet it, I don’t drink the left over milk)
Pure Protein bars (usually 1 a day)
LOTS & LOTS of Salad with chicken and cheese for Protein
Plain Almonds as a snack
Protein Shakes (I mix 1 scoop of MuscleTech Protein Powder in a 16 oz cup of Cold Water)
1 small portion of Pasta (ran out of salad – I’ve got to get to the grocery store today)
Hard Boiled Eggs & Egg Salad
LOTS of Water
1 daily cup of Decaf. Coffee with International Delight Flavored Creamer :-)
and I cheated with 4 pieces of the little Mars Mini Candy (the 1/2 inch mini squares)…so happy that was the worst of my cheating!!


As far as exercise I’ve been able to do this week….I have none to report. I needed to let my back rest and heal. I’ve been a bit discouraged this week that I couldn’t exercise. In the past when I’ve been trying to lose wight and I hurt my back I would get so discouraged that I quit my ‘diet’ and eat junk. This is a LIFESTYLE Change for me though, which means it’s just the way I eat and live now. There are going to be times that getting a workout in isn’t possible….that doesn’t need to set me into a tailspin. Next week is a new week,  and will pick back up on my bike riding. I’m going to stay away from Zumba for a little while, at least until I can sit without needing a pillow behind my back.

How did you all do this week? What did you struggle with and conquer this week?


Disclosure: This is my own personal plan to get in shape. I am not a trainer, dietician or any kind of expert on weight loss. You should always consult a physician before starting a weight loss plan.

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