Official Response from Walgreens Corporate Regarding Stacking.

by Kimberly on May 28, 2011

Because there has been so many different opinions regarding stacking ‘Walgreens IVC’ and Coupons from Walgreens Booklets I went ahead and wrote to the Walgreens Corporate Office to find out their stance. Below is a copy of the email I received. (my comments to this are below in purple)


Dear Kimberly,

Thank you for taking your time to contact our Corporate Offices. We appreciate hearing from our customers and value all comments received.
IVC Coupon Book (2/25/11): If the coupon states anywhere on its face “manufacturer coupon” this means the coupon was sponsored by the manufacturer and not Walgreens. In this example, next to the exp. date it says “mfr coupon” so this offer was sponsored by Nestle. Also, if it’s a Mfr coupon, it can likely be used at any retailer (although we would prefer they use it at Walgreens.) These coupons also state, Not Valid with Any Other Offer.

Again, thank you for contacting our corporate office. We truly appreciate you taking the time to share your comments.

Walgreens Corporate


Well, as a suspected. We can NOT stack (combine) these coupons with other manufacturer coupons. The only coupons that can be stacked are the Walgreens in-ad coupons or any Walgreens coupon that does not state ‘Manufacturer Coupon’ on it. Thankfully though…because it is a manufacturer coupon…they can be used at other stores also (NOT stacked or combined with any other manufacturer coupons). I know this will be a HUGE change for many of us…but I know that you my readers want to be ethical couponers…and this is part of it. I would love your feedback on this! :-)

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