Publix Policy Changes Update

by Kimberly on April 16, 2011

I posted earlier in the week about Upcoming Changes to the Publix Coupon Policy. I did meet with the Manager, and as of yet the ‘Official’ New coupon policy has not come out from the Corporate Office. I’m in touch with the Publix Manager & Customer Service manager and they will contact me to let me know as soon as it’s out, so I can update all of you.

Basically, make sure you READ THE FINE PRINT on your coupon. Make sure it’s for the correct ounces/size etc. If it states ONE DEAL PER HOUSEHOLD…then you may only get ONE! If it states one per transaction…then you can only use ONE coupon per transaction! If the coupon states one per purchase, you may use one for EACH item you are purchasing (at publix you may use it on the FREE item also).

If you’ve taken my workshop you know I’m BIG on being ethical when couponing. After speaking with one of the Managers….here’s what has been going on in several stores that has required Publix to make changes. There are couponers going in and emptying entire shelves of product, leaving nothing for other shoppers. :-( A BIG NO NO!!! The other thing that some ladies have been doing is going to all the Publix stores in the area buying out product and then turning around and selling it to make profit at the Flea Market!!! A few people not being ethical can ruin it for everyone else.

Below are the Ethics I go over in my workshops. PLEASE PLEASE, stay with in the RULES of couponing.

  1. You know how frustrating it is when a good sale is on and you’re all excited to go ‘get in on it’ only to find the product is GONE! Think of the shoppers behind you that also want that good deal. Do NOT take the entire stock! Shop at a couple different stores if necessary so you leave product for other shoppers. Emptying the shelves is different then going to the store and there are only 4 of a product left.  (this usually happens at the end of the sale week..just ask customer service for a raincheck if they are out of stock)
  2. Remember that the store is giving you this deal for you and your family. We do not want them to stop offering the ‘deals’ OR go out of business. IT IS UNETHICAL AND UNFAIR TO TURN AROUND AND SELL TO OTHERS FOR A PROFIT!!!
  3. Be considerate of the shoppers in the store. Before you hold up a check-out lane let the staff know you have a ton of coupons and do they want to open another register for you. If you are in a regular lane, let the person who comes up behind you know you’re going to be awhile and have a TON of coupons. (People GREATLY appreciate this).
  4. PLEASE READ the coupon before you use it and make sure the coupon matches up with the item you are using it for.
  5. Make sure to check the expiration dates on your coupons. DO NOT put an expired coupon in your huge stack of coupons!
  6. When returning an item…PLEASE MAKE SURE to let them know you used a coupon to purchase the product. They may still give you the full price back but it’s better to be honest and up front.
  7. Before you go to Check out make sure you ‘pull over’ first and go through your coupons and that you only have coupons for what you are buying. I often end up not getting an item I had originally planned on because it’s out of stock when I get there.
  8. DO NOT COPY OR SCAN COUPONS!!!! If you do they are fradulent coupons!!

As long as we all abide by the rules, we will all continue to enjoy the savings!

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