Reader Success: Stockpiling Done Right

by Kimberly on November 4, 2011

I headed out to Publix today for a quick trip to grab a few things we were needing (using coupons of course).  Behind me in checkout was a woman, Jennifer, that reads this blog and I asked her to share her shopping trip with us all. Guys…this is such a great example of how to stockpile. Thank you Jennifer for sharing this with all of us. I don’t have a list of all the coupons she used today, but if you would like to check out the current Publix weekly ad to see the items on sale and the coupons that are available for those items (coupon matchups) CLICK HERE.


Jennifer’s Shopping Trip:

I bought a lot more but couldn’t get it all in the picture.
12 boxes Barilla
32 Swanson beef and chicken broth (I use these every week it’s a staple!)
6 rice crispy treats (Kids love them, 2/$5 but had a $1.5 peelie
4 Crocker Barrel Spreads
2 Publix Bacon 2/$7 no coupons but it was a needed item…
20 TGIF entrees
2 Packs of Craisins
2 Jars of Pickles
14 Giant Green Valley steamers
4 Barber Stuffed Chicken After coupon which expired today, these were $8.99 (but again we do like them so I grabbed them)
20 Dr Pepper 10 2 Liters

I had free coupons for the Dr Pepper.
I spent $116.42 Pre tax total
Saved $241.98
SAVED 67% on items my family loves!


I am a single mom with 4 kids, my oldest is 7. I am a full time student
earning my associates in science and to become a registered nurse, I got
laid off in February. After 13 years as an executive assistant being
unemployed is very humbling. I coupon to survive and I love it! It is so
rewarding and challenging. I keep a spreadsheet and I am saving 70% per
month. As I said when I met you, I used your site and list to shop for
things we need. If I had to spend the time doing this without a match up I
would be in tears and give up. I appreciate what you do and it was a
pleasure meeting you.


Thank you so much Jennifer for sharing your trip with all of us!!

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