Savvy Coupon Lady Weekly Totals

by Kimberly on March 1, 2012

savvy coupon lady weekly totals

I didn’t do any big shopping this week, as I am busy trying to get ready for our little weekend getaway for our anniversary.    I just had a small trip to Publix last night to grab a few items before my husband and I go away the weekend.  I purchased a few items that I don’t usually buy, just to make sure that my mom can have some quick easy food to feed our 2 year old while we’re away. Our 5 year old is a VERY picky eater, and only eats one specific type of pancakes, which were recalled back in January, due to them not putting an ingredient on the box, and they are just finally back on the shelf, so I grabbed a few boxes of those.  Poor, guy, only eats about 6 different foods, so not being able to give him his pancakes, was not fun the past 2 months.  I check for them every time I even go past ANY grocery store, hoping to find them, so I was THRILLED to see them back on the shelf last night.  He was even more excited when I brought them home and showed them to him.  :-)  Below is a list of the items I purchased this week, and how much I spent and saved.


Items I purchased at Publix:
(3) Aunt Jemima Homestyle Frozen Pancakes, $2.99 each
(3) Gerber Graduates Pasta Pick Ups, $1.50 each
(2.75 lb) Red Seedless Grapes, $3.45
(1) Gallon Publix Brand Milk, $3.65
(3.21 lb) Bananas, $2.21

Total Spent: $22.78
Total Saved: $2.20

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