Savvy Coupon Lady: Weekly Totals

by Kimberly on March 10, 2012

Sarasota, FL


I have to tell you, my husband and I had such a wonderful time away last weekend. We went to Turtle Beach in Sarasorta, FL, and had a wonderful time relaxing, laughing and spending time together. We took a kayak out for a few hours, had some really nice dinners out, got some much needed rest and enjoyed the resort we were at. The picture above was the view from our bedroom. Beautiful right? I did very little shopping this week. I made a trip to Publix earlier in the week to grab the Olay deal and a few other things. That trip was AMAZING…I spent nothing and got $5.31 back in change! I then made another quick trip to Publix last night. Below is a list of everything I bought this week, and my total spent and saved. How did you all do this week?


Items I Purchased:

(6) Olay Body Wash, On Sale $4.79 each
(6) Olay Facial Cleansers, On Sale $3.49 each
(4) Sundown Vitamins Folic Acid, $3.79 each
(1) Sundown B-6 Vitamins, $3.59 each
(4) Country Crock Spread, Buy 1 @ $2.15 Get 1 Free
(6) Birds Eye Voila Frozen Meals, Buy 1 @ $4.83 Get 1 Free
(2.53 lbs) Navel Oranges, On Sale $1.29 per pound (total $3.26)
(2.06 lbs) Red Delicious Apples, On Sale $1.49 per pound (total $3.07)
(1) Publix Feta Cheese, On Sale, Get 2 for $4.00
(4) Ruffles Potato Chips, Buy 1 @ $4.29 Get 1 Free
(4) Stouffers Family Style Frozen Entrees, On Sale, $3.99 each
(1) Bunch Green Onions, Get 2 for $1.19 – Total $0.60
(1) Bunch Italian Parsley, – Total $0.79
(1) Sweet Onion, $1.49 per pound – Total $0.88
(1) pkg Sliced Portabella Mushrooms, On Sale $1.69
(1) Ginger Root, $2.99 per pound – Total $1.25
(1) pkg Sliced Portabella Mushrooms, On Sale $1.69
(1) pkg of Fresh Mint, $1.99
(1) Garlic, – total $0.36
(2) Fresh Express Heart of Romaine Salad Bags, On Sale $3.49 each

Grand Total Spent: $12.57
Grand Total Saved: $198.18
Percentage Saved: 94.1%

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