Savvy Coupon Lady’s Weekly Totals!

by Kimberly on April 15, 2012

savvy coupon lady weekly totals


Oh my….I am SURE I have already gone over budget for this month and I still have what…about 2 more weeks left in the month?!  Well, I have to say if I’ve ever blown the budget before, it’s been long enough that I don’t ever remember that happening, so I’m ok with it this month.  We blew our budget this week because we purchased a lot of protein.  The protein bars we buy every 2 weeks, but the powder we won’t be buying again for several months.   It’s all part of getting healthy.  Don’t forget that later this week I am gong to discuss if it’s worth coupling if you have a healthy diet!  When it comes down to it, I’m ok with this week’s spending, although I’m still a little anxious to see the total I spent at the end of the month.  Ok….below is everything I bought this week.  I will put the links to the show & tells (where available) so you can see exactly how I was able to do this.


 Savvy Coupon Lady’s Weekly Totals Week of 4/8/12 


Publix Purchases Week of 4/8/12: (View Publix Show & Tell Savings)


(4) International Delight Coffee Creamers, Buy 1 @ $2.89 Get 1 Free
(8) Crystal Light On the packs, Buy 1 @ $2.99 Get 1 Free
(4) Lysol Dual Action Wipes, Buy 1 @ $4.99 Get 1 Free
(2) Bumble Bee Chunk White Albacore Tuna In Water 4 pack 5 ounce cans, $3.99 each
(2) Scotch-Brite Dish Sponges, 3 pack, On Sale, Get 2 for $4.00
Kashi Go Lean (High Protein) Cereal, On Sale $2.99
Publix Eggs 1 1/2 Dozen, $2.69
(1) 16 ounce Strawberries, On Sale, Get 2 for $5.00
(3) Mangos, On Sale, $1.00 each
(1) Aunt Jemima Pancakes, $2.79
(1) Eggo Mini Pancakes, $2.99
(2) Hillshire Farms Grilled Chicken Breast, $4.19 each
(6) Chow Mein Noodles, $0.89 each
2.84 lb Bananas, $0.69 per pound
(1) Red Delicious Apples 3 pound bag, $3.99
(6) Fresh Express Bagged Hearts of Romaine, Buy 1 @ $3.99 Get 1 Free
(2) Bags of Green Beans, On Sale, $1.29 per pound (total $2.54)
(2) Gatorade, 128 ounce, On Sale Get 2 for $6.00
(2) Banquet Chicken Nuggets, $4.99 each

Total Spent: $67.80
Total Saved: $98.72

Walgreens Purchases Week of 4/8/12: (View Walgreens Show & Tell Savings)
(4) Nice! Bathroom Tissue, 12 double Rolls, Get 2 for $5.00 (2 of them are not in this show & tell)
(6) Reach Total Care +Whitening Toothbrush, On Sale $2.99
(2) Finish Gelpacs, 20 count, On Sale $3.99
(6) Russell Stover Easter Candy Egg, On Sale 50% Off = $0.25 (Filler Item)
(1) Dasani Water 24 pack, On Sale $3.99 (not in this show & tell)

Total Spent: $33.93
Total Saved: $44.70

Sam’s Club Protein Purchases Week of 4/8/12 (No Show & Tell)


(1) MuscleTech Protein Powder, 5 pound bonus Bag – $32.98
(1) Premier Protein Shakes/ready to drink, 12 count cartons – $15.96

Total Spent: $48.94

Vitamin Discount Protein Purchases Week of 4/8/12 (View how we saved here: Cheapest Protein Prices)
(1) Isopure Protein Powder, 3 pound container, $43.00
(3) Pure Protein Bars, 12 pack, 78 gram bars, $25.00 + 10% Discount if you purchase the full box
(1) Protein Mix Shaker/Container (not sure the price)

Total Spent: $76.53
Total Saved: $38.47


Grand Total Spent this Week: $227.20
Grand Total Saved this Week: $181.89


Holy Moly…Last month I only spent $277 for the entire month! My personal goal has been to stay at or below $350 per month, our actual budget is $550 per month. I really am ok with the money we spent this week though. Mainly because this is part of me getting healthy, and I won’t have to spend like this for another 6 months. :-)

How did you all do this week?! I’d love to see your personal totals. Feel free to leave them in the comment section below!



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