Walmart Deal: Cheap Kingsford Charcoal!

by Kimberly on May 23, 2012

Walmart Deal Cheap Kingsford Charcoal

If you are planning on grilling this weekend, you will want to check out this Walmart Deal! It looks like most Walmart Stores across the Country have a SUPER CHEAP Kingsford Charcoal Sale!  This deal was in the Tampa Ad for all of my local readers!  :-)  Now through 5/28/12, you will be able to score TWO 15 lb bags of Kingsford Charcoal for only $5.48 – NO COUPONS NEEDED!!!  Woohooot!  This is definitely the Best Deal on Cheap Kingsford Charcoal…or any charcoal for that matter, that I’ve seen!  So, if you do a lot of grilling over the summer months, I highly recommend STOCKING UP!!

There was a FREE Hidden Valley Dressing Coupon when you buy Kingsford Charcoal & Kingsford Lighter Fluid available a couple of weeks ago, that is no longer available.  Although this isn’t a wonderful coupon, I figure if you’re purchasing the Charcoal, chances are, you’re purchasing some lighter Fluid too.  SOOOOO, if you printed this coupon up you can grab some FREE Hidden Valley Dressing as well! :-)   This really is a SUPER Deal!

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